Industries we proudly partner with

Construction Equipment

We take pride in our established construction equipment relationships. Our knowledge and experience have benefitted contractors across the country. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Trucks and Trailers

Is your business in need of a new or used truck or trailer? Expand your fleet easily using our team of professionals. Our goal is to create a lasting partnership focused on customer satisfaction.

Agricultural Equipment

We understand the needs of farmers, landscapers, and property maintenance companies. General Financial can arrange flexible payments that will maintain your company’s liquidity during the slower annual cycles.

Industrial Equipment

General Financial has professionals that are experts in material handling, storage, and LED industrial lighting acquisitions. Sustain your business growth and momentum through financing.

Manufacturing Equipment

To increase productivity and remain competitive, General Financial understands the needs of manufacturers. Ask us about deferred payments to achieve your company’s goal, while conserving capital.

Snow Plow Financing

Financing a snow plow can be a smart investment for those looking to tackle winter challenges effectively. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a municipality, prepare for winter with a cost-effective solution to manage the challenging weather conditions.


Office Equipment

General Financial will meet your needs and surpass expectations in securing your business’s office essentials, including fixtures, furniture and computers. Our team will assist and advise in any way possible.

Restaurant & Catering Equipment

Whether renovating or expanding your business, we offer reasonable rates with great options to make your dream a reality. Contact us to make it all happen.

Franchise Business, all Equipment

Whether it is expansion or renovations, General Financial has options that will fit franchises. We can also provide working capital to achieve objectives.

Printing Equipment

General Financial offers customized financing solutions for any print mediums. If the latest digital technology will streamline your operations and increase your profits, why wait?

Health & Fitness Equipment

Securing the most beneficial cardio and exercise equipment generates a fitness center’s atmosphere and attracts new memberships. Grow your business with General Financials’ financing and leasing programs.

Repair Equipment

Automotive, motorcycle and bicycle repair shops require specialized equipment to maintain customer satisfaction. Whatever your shop needs to accomplish that can be financed through General Financial. From tools to lifts, let us help.

Medical Equipment Financing

HIPAA rules and regulations along with technological advancements have made medical equipment financing or leasing, one of the fastest growing arenas of finance. Stay up to date with latest advances to meet patient requirements with our financing options.

IT Equipment & Computer

Rapid technological advances make this business very susceptible to equipment obsolescence. Competitive and innovative financing can assure that your business will be ready for tomorrow.

Packaging Equipment

General Financial will assist you in securing the necessary equipment to package and ship products everywhere. Financing solutions can include the costs of training and installation.


More and more companies are relying on cloud storage to accommodate remote employees. Software financing that can include training costs is available through General Financial.

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