Startup Business Financing

Providing solid foundations for entrepreneurs

We have the tools you need to start your business right – the first time.


Whether your business came about from a grassroots effort or a capital raise, General Financial provides startup business financing to increase profitability or to adjust your burn rate. If this is your first business loan experience, we provide you the business credit building blocks. Together we will create a resilient launchpad for years of growth. Without historical business revenue and data, we rely more on your relevant industry experience, personal credit history, current and future cashflow estimates, along with your general ability to repay. Build smarter, not harder.

Key Benefits

Providing capital needed to launch a new business

We help you get off the ground and start generating revenue.

Cover the costs of marketing and advertising

Increase your visibility and competitive advantage without breaking the bank.

Secure a lease or purchase a commercial space

We help you create a financial cushion to help you get off the ground.

Access to funding for research and development

Build and grow your business without upfront capital.

“I get this all the time, which is crazy: ‘I want to be rich. What kind of company should I start?’ You can’t do that. It doesn’t work like that. You’ve got to be good at something and not only be good at it, but you’ve got to love it, and then you’re willing to work and do whatever it takes.”

Mark Cuban

American entrepreneur


  • Maximize Cash Flow

    Let the equipment you buy pay for itself over time with a fixed monthly payment

  • Customizable Programs

    Select the term and structure that best integrates into your business model

  • Tax Advantages

    General Financial offers a full suite of financial products to maximize your business’ tax savings

  • No Prepayment Penalties

    There may be benefits and cost savings to your business when paying off early.

  • 120% Financing

    Freight and Installation may be financed, along with cash back, to help upfront costs such as mobilization

  • Auction Funding

    We crush auction timeline demands, get your letter of credit before you start bidding

  • Turn On The Cash Flow

    General Financial produces efficient, profitable solutions and customized programs

  • Apply Online

    Get pre-qualified with our easy online application, or a simple phone call

  • Receive a Decision

    Our experience in structuring transactions means you have more flexibility and options

  • Get Funded

    Enough Paperwork, we know you're busy. Sign at the office or on the go with Edocs


    Utilize our online forms, calculators and custom applications to help you make the next best decision


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