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Agriculture Equipment

Importance of Agriculture Equipment Financing

Agricultural equipment is constantly evolving and improving, with new models offering increased efficiency and productivity. However, these equipment can be costly for farmers to purchase outright. Agriculture equipment financing can provide farmers with the funds they need to purchase or lease the equipment they need to operate their farms efficiently and productively.

Will Leasing Agriculture Equipment Or Machinery Benefit Your Farming Operation?

Dairy farmers, cattle farmers and crop producers require expensive equipment to operate and produce. Farm machinery and equipment are high-cost items for farmers, often priced at $250,000 or more. 

Making cost-effective decisions to acquire machinery and equipment is critical to producers. Paying cash is not always an option. Today, long-term leasing is a popular avenue utilized by businesses to obtain necessary revenue producing equipment. 

New or used, large or small, farm equipment and machinery can be leased through General Financial Get a Quote.

Leasing allows for 100% financing including soft costs through various structuring techniques. Leasing helps preserve and increase existing capital. Secured long term fixed rates and various cash flow benefits provide needed liquidity, which helps establish an edge over competitors. 

Leasing eliminates the burden of large capital outlays while enabling you to maintain top of the line equipment and machinery on a continuing basis. Payments can be structured to adjust for seasonal changes. With such tremendous potential benefits, it is vital to consider leasing as an integral element of your farm’s operational structure. 

Let General Financial help move your business to the forefront of your industry and stay there.

Benefits of Agriculture Equipment Financing

Access to modern equipment

With financing, farmers can access the latest and most advanced agricultural equipment that they may not have been able to afford otherwise. This can help increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Tax benefits

Financing can offer tax benefits to farmers, including tax deductions on interest paid on loans, depreciation, and other expenses related to equipment purchases.

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Grow your farm with confidence

Agriculture equipment financing can be a valuable tool for farmers looking to improve their productivity, efficiency, and profitability, and make long-term investments in their operations. With the right financing solution, farmers can access the latest equipment, conserve their cash reserves, and stay competitive in their markets.


McCullough Tree Service

McCullough Tree Service

I have a small tree business in the Central Florida area and have tried multiple avenues of financing to get the equipment we need to work more efficiently and safely. Taylor and Wayne Mosley offered to help us with the situation. They took the time to look at our business and find a way for us to get the equipment we needed. They did their best to make the process painless and seamless and now my company is doing so much better since we have the needed equipment. Thank you general financial I will refer you to anyone who needs equipment funding.

Seth Eacret

Seth Eacret

Worked with Taylor on a equipment deal. Didn’t have the best credit score and knew it was going to be tough but Taylor dug dug till he found a deal that’d work for us. If he says he’ll get it done be patient and polite and he’ll work hard with you. When it’s tough most people will give in and tell you to move on not Taylor. Definitely would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks again Taylor for your hard work and the hours you put in means a lot to us.

Kevin New


Taylor always provides great customer services to my company. I have been working with him for several years. I’m very grateful for all his help with my business needs . Highly recommended!

Jeff Bob

Jeff B.

Taylor and the rest of the crew at General Financial have proven themselves to be fast, efficient, and professional time and time again. Their experience in the industry combined with efficiency of process has made working with a very pleasant experience. I wouldn't hesitate to refer a client or vendor to them.

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