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Business Solutions

With General Financial, you instantly get our decades of experience in building successful financial vehicles to increase your bottom line. We specialize in Equipment Financing & Leasing, Working Capital, and Business Consulting. We also regularly facilitate Trade Financing such as, Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Funding. We have three ideal customers, with many that could be categorized as somewhere in between.

  1. Tenured businesses that understand the value and cost savings by outsourcing their financial department
  2. Start-up businesses who realize cash-flow and business credit is a must in order to maintain healthy growth
  3. Growing businesses that need project financing and/or more tools to get the job done efficiently

We hold a small portfolio of triple A transactions with access to small capital needs that we use cautiously, along with our signature partnership with Collateral Only Loans to provide asset based lending without even looking at financials. For transactions that do not meet our risks tolerance and/or our bank’s requirements (FDIC) we utilize private syndication channels in which we participate in the transaction to get the deal funded. This means we can mitigate the risk involved when dealing with a wide variety of credit types. We do not service personal or commercial notes.

Our most successful relationships result in a yearly retainer for our Consulting Services that we bill annually. Currently we are on a 2 quarter waiting period for applications received in the Summer of 2017. Whether you have been in business for decades, in the startup phase, or recovering from a late payment, we can get virtually any transaction approved, while passing the savings along to you. Over 70% of our business is from repeat customers. We invite you to join General Financial and our customers across the world, as we become part of your success story. After 30 years, we’d like to think we know what we’re doing.

Equipment Financing & Leasing

It should be common knowledge that you make your money when you buy your equipment, not when you sell it. What is not commonly known is the structure of the loan should heavily influence your purchase. A poorly structured loan that does not consider your business’ current and/or future financial positions, along with your operating procedures, is a loan that we will not put you in. You must look at the bottom line, purchase price is only one factor in the equation.

We make sure that you thoroughly understand the impact of your loan prior to getting your transaction funded.

This is difficult in today’s fast paced world where immediate gratification sometimes overvalued. Because of this, we move quickly to provide all the knowledge and tools you need to make an informed decision for your future. Rest assure your equipment will be working for you, and not the other way around.

Your financial success is our priority, so it’s only right that we have not only best but the fastest vehicles to get you where you need to go.

Knowledge is power, and we believe you as a business owner should be entitled to our knowledge. Since the 1980’s we have cultivated this knowledge and translated it into a format that puts you in the driver’s seat of your business’ financial future. That means no matter where you are, we are right there with you, to help make critical financial decisions quickly. Time is money, and we value your time. We ask that you please value ours in return. Here are a few of our most popular Equipment Financing structures & scenarios.

Working Capital & Small Business Loans

Our super easy and fast online application provides access to up to 250K in cash for any business expense. We can approve these loans in as little as 4 hours, with flexible repayment terms ranging from 30 days up to 24 and even 36 months in rare occurrences. The funds can used for virtually any business expense. We regularly provide these loans for business owners who may be paying current or past due taxes or require a large down payments for new equipment. Other uses include

  • Project Financing
  • Payroll Shortages
  • Opening a new location
  • Remodeling your current location
  • Manufacturing Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Job Materials
  • Upgrading technology & software

Invoice Financing & Invoice Factoring

Invoice Financing or commonly referred to as Invoice Factoring. What is Invoice Factoring? Invoice Factoring is probably the cheapest cost of funds available to any business. Invoice Factoring is where you sell your receivables (invoices) in exchange for immediate payment. Invoice factoring can dramatically reduce your overhead. By selling off your invoices you never have to follow up on payment again. The average business is able to save approximately $30,000.00 a year by eliminating the need for a full time bookkeeper or accountant. Free up you or your employee’s time while increasing the amount of working capital and cash flow your company has access to. No longer do you have to wait 30 or even 45 days for goods delivered or services rendered. Funds generated from Invoice Factoring can be used on whatever the business needs. Job Productivity is heightened when everyone knows that come by day, not even you will have to hold back your paycheck.

Purchase Order Prepay

For inquires concerning our private consulting service, please reach out to your dedicated contact.

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